RIP my little, Jethro :-(

RIP my little, Jethro :-(

This is my parrot, Jethro. She pasted away on May 31, 2014. She was 16 years old. I feel a great loss because she was with me all the time and had been through so much at the hands of my ex-sociopath (as was I). She was there when no one else was. I rescued her when she was a year old. RIP ❤


2 thoughts on “RIP my little, Jethro :-(

  1. I feel your pain at the loss of your quaker! If he was anything like my girl Yoshi and my recently deceased boy Sonic then I understand how its a hole in your heart. I haven’t had Yoshi for as long I got her and Sonic at 8 weeks old and she is now 17 months. Sonic passed away in April this year he was only 6 months old 😦

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