Just another day…

Cold & sunny, still depressing. Trying to understand what I feel and why I feel this way?!

I live with someone who could care whether I am here or gone. He may miss my cooking but nothing else. It is so hard to live where someone is so damaged and closed off. I have tried talking to him with no luck. I get a distant stare or a blank look. What do I think of that? Not sure what to think or do? The accusations of me cheating are awesome (I say that with sarcasm) since I have no car, no money, no job and I am home alone pretty much everyday. I may go out with family to run errands but no one else. I moved here to be with him, left my state, my job to be treated like nothing. I never saw that coming! He went from texting and calling me on a consistent basis to nothing. i never know if he gets or reads my texts since he doesn’t respond. I wish I could leave but I am not sure how I could move with no funds, credit, or a way to move the little that I do (still) own…the only place I can go is inside my head.


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